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Services FAQs

What are your opening Hours?

Monday – Friday: 7:30AM to 4:30PM

Saturday: By appointments only

Sunday: Closed

We will make every effort to reply to emails and voicemails left after hours.

Why do I need to service my car?

Servicing a car regularly not only ensures the vehicle is safe but keeps it in its best possible condition. This will extend your engine’s life, reduce fuel consumption, prevent the wearing of moving parts, maintain roadworthiness and improve resale value.

Do you only service Volkswagen and Audi Group vehicles?

While we are a Volkswagen and Audi group specialist, we are also more than happy to service other makes and models. Please call us on 0491 862 621 or send us a message through our website to chat with us about your requirements.

How long will my service take?

Service times will vary due to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A regular service has an estimated time of 1.5 hours and a major service can take around 3 hours to complete.

What service do I need for my vehicle?

Every manufacturer’s service recommendations differ. Your logbook will outline the carmaker’s recommendation for your service schedule. If you are unsure what kind of service you may require, then why not give us a call on 0491 862 621 or message us. We will be happy to help!

Will servicing my car at Premier Autotune void my new car warranty?

No, under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, you have the freedom to have your car serviced by any service provider. Our services adhere to the manufacturer’s service specifications and the use of only genuine OEM-approved parts, ensures your warranty will not be affected.

A vehicle manufacturer can’t specify a particular dealer nor void a warranty if a vehicle is serviced outside the dealer network.

What is the difference between genuine and OEM parts?

A genuine part is a part that was originally put in the vehicle when it was new and has the car manufacturer’s logo on it.

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part is a part built by the same company that built the original product for the car manufacturer but doesn’t have the car maker’s logo.

Will I know how much the car service or car repair is going to cost or will I get a big surprise at the end of the job?

Before we commence any work, we will give you a quote of the initial work that we recommend is carried out on the spot, together with any further work that may be required. We will show you an itemised quote of this work required and associated costs and ask you to [sign/agree] the quote – you are always in control of the cost and will not get a nasty surprise!

Can I drop off or pick up my car outside your normal operating times?

Yes, we’re happy to arrange out-of-hours drop off and pick up of your car. Just mention this when you book in your service.

Can you carry out digital servicing?

Yes. If applicable, we will go onto your vehicle manufacturer’s web portal and electronically enter your vehicle as having been serviced to the manufacturer’s specifications. If your vehicle does not have this capability, we will stamp your service book to show which service has been carried out for your records.

How do I book an appointment?

Call us on 0491 862 621 or fill out our contact form.

You can also contact us via our Facebook page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How can I pay?

Payment needs to be made at the completion of the job. We accept EFTPOS or cash.

Performance Tuning FAQs

What is Performance Tuning?

Performance Tuning is a software upgrade made to your vehicle to improve performance, economy and driveability. All vehicles have different performance improvements. Please check your vehicle on our website or give us a call on 0491 862 621 to check your vehicle’s performance improvements!

How does the tuning procedure work?

When we carry out performance tuning on a vehicle, we extract the current mapping data from the vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit), either through the vehicle’s OBD socket or by physically removing the ECU.

This map is then modified on a Hexadecimal level, breaking the code into different map tables, such as injection timing, ignition timing, boost pressure, torque limitations and throttle response just to name a few. Once the modified file is complete, we then load the software back into your vehicle. READY FOR YOU TO FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

What are the benefits of performance tuning?

Increased performance, torque, throttle response and fuel economy!

We’ve had superb results across a wide range of vehicles, typically resulting in 20%-30% more power for most vehicles.

Why don't the manufacturers release the vehicles with higher power to start with?

Manufacturers design and build their vehicles for a global market. Due to global benchmarks, they must meet a wide range of fuel and emissions standards. They also need to take into account differing altitudes, climates, fuel grades etc.

Luckily for us, there is plenty of room to move under European and Australian tolerances, which allows us to extract more performance from the vehicles whilst still being within the components’ maximum tolerances.

What vehicles can have a performance tune?

Premier Autotune can carry out performance tuning to most of the vehicles in today’s market.

Please check our website or call us on 0491 862 621 if you are still unsure.

Can I return my vehicle back to standard at a later date if I want to?

We always keep a secured version of your vehicle’s original file as a backup. Should you need to, we can replace the tuned file back to standard at reduced cost, BUT TRUST US YOU WILL NOT WANT TO!

Will Chip Tuning increase my fuel consumption?

The simple answer is no; in fact, quite the opposite!

We tend to see improved fuel economy in vehicles we have tuned, particularly turbo and diesel motors which can see up to a 2-3L/100km improvement. Why is this you ask?

Simple – the increase in torque output tends to mean you do not need as much throttle as originally required to reach a determined speed. For example, to get to 60km/h in 100m may have required 50% throttle in stock trim previously. After the tune, you would only require 30-40% throttle to achieve the same result.

Where can you carry out the performance tuning?

We can carry out the work at our own workshop. This requires the vehicle to be left with us, as it can take a few hours to complete the performance tuning.

Will the software impact my new car Warranty?

The short answer is yes, it will; but this does not mean that they can disregard the entire warranty.

The official line from most manufacturers is that if a modification causes a problem with the vehicle, then that part of the vehicle affected will not be covered. If, for example, your vehicle’s central locking system failed, they would not be able to void the warranty because of the performance tune.

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